Used Google photos before? You’ve probably seen this in action.

So, what are we building?

Let’s get familiar with the module first

The face recognition module provides us the functions to load a photo, get the encodings of the faces in the photo and also compare them, saying if the two encodings match or not.

We’ll use two photos of Kylie(one with black hair and another with blonde hair) and one photo of Khloe

Running the program gives this result. Even though…

Whenever I open up an npm project workspace on VSCode I usually run a few commands on startup. VSCode has been my favorite Text Editor of choice for quite sometime now, primarily due to the available customization options and the wide variety of extensions. And it didn’t fail me here😛.

What do I do every time I open a workspace?

  • I open up the integrated terminal with ctrl + `
  • Start the development server with npm start
  • Open another terminal instance with ctrl + shift + `
  • Start the test suite with npm run test

What do we, developers, do when we realize that we are doing things again and…

Especially now during the COVID-19 period😷, when you are forced to work from home🏡, you somehow have to access the servers and databases in your office’s intranet.

Photo by Dan Nelson on Unsplash

Why can’t we expose them all?

  • Well🤔.. not all applications are built with security in mind.
  • For most applications there won’t be even an auth wall that checks the person accessing it, for authorization.
  • so let’s just keep them behind the intranet.

But there must be that one(or more) machine(s) that acts as load balancer setup(the machine exposed to the internet — let’s call it the “proxymachine”), that distributes to external traffic to the servers inside the intranet. We’re…

Divakar Rajesh

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